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"I used to love the taste I would do anything for it. 

now I would do anything to get the taste out of my mouth”


you’ve got time // regina spektor

remember all their faces
remember all their voices
everything is different
the second time around

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Canon Beach in Oregon is always beautiful

untitled by jake deshazo on Flickr.

Self-portrait detail, Oil on canvas (3’x4’)
She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, like when you’re swimming and you want to put your feet down on something solid, but the water’s deeper than you think and there’s nothing there.
– Julia Gregson, East of the Sun  (via prelovers)

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You remember too much,

my mother said to me recently.

Why hold onto all that?

And I said,

Where do I put it down?

– Anne Carson, from “The Glass Essay” (via vrban)

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Palo Alto (2014) dir. Gia Coppola
"You’re young. You don’t know why you do things. But there’s always a reason."

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